Meal Plan #1 (Week of March 12th)

Happy Sunday night! I’m currently watching the iHeartRadio music awards (had to because of the release of the Delicate video – I’m a major Taylor Swift fan 😀 ), and I’m working on some blog posts during commercial breaks.

So, I’ll be posting my Highlights of the Week tomorrow, but tonight, I wanted to share my meal plan calendar for this coming week! This is something I’m going to start doing on Sundays, for weeks when I have a really clear, set plan (which doesn’t always happen with all the back and forth traveling I’ve been doing recently). I try to stretch out the same lunch for at least three days (four if I’m lucky) to save a little money on groceries. I also try to focus on making lunch as delicious as possible because of the fact that I’ll be eating it for a few days in a row. But honestly, this is never really a problem for me because I like eating repeated meals. {Memories of 6+ months of Kodiak Cake waffles for breakfast every day are flashing through my mind 😂}.

Anyways, I’m really excited for this coming week’s plan! Check it out. 😊

Meal Prep 3:11

See below for the recipe links as well as links to some of the specific products/foods that are in the calendar. I can’t wait to eat all these goods! 😋

Pitaya Vibrant Oat CupOrange tofuMacaroni & cheese. Matcha wafflesToasted coconut riceSprouted cinnamon raisin bread. Fruitive. Kahiau Bakery & Cafe.










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